Applepie's Boil the Billy "Vito"

BORN :: 28.4.2014 BAER :: +/+
PATELLA :: clear HEART :: clear
KIDNEYS :: clear


Delphinus Big Daddy Cool Shirvin Slice Of Heaven Tiponya Mr Peabody Delphinus Quasimodo
Shirvin heart Of Gold
Shirvin Isabella Vanden Midnight Special
Shirvin Dancin in the Dark
Villrino Killer Queen Bullamakanka Butter Bean Mustang Supremo Ivoral
Bullamakanka Crackerjack
Villrino Angel Face Tiponya Mr Peabody
Vanden Angel
Applepie's Sweet N'Sassy Alunday Dynamite Alunday Cracker Jack Bulroarus Roman Candle
Awwalia Sweet Trouble
Rijiaca Ice Queen Delphinus Quasimodo
Rijiaca Lady In Red
Selene v.Yomito Pollyssa's Uther Pendragon
at Nominoe
Pollyssa's Zero Zero Zeus
Pollyssa's Adorable Andromeda
Emily Play's v.Yomito Apohro's Ride With The Devil
Grisse Basse Kiss The Sky
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