Champions and CAC/CACIB bred or owned by me

Bull terriers

CIB &NORD &BALT &FI &SE &NO &EE &LV &LT &RU &BY Ch FIJW-09 FIW-09 NORDJW-09 HeW-10 FIW-10 Opera's Phantom Provokacija
C.I.B &FI &SE &EE &RU CH NORDW-09 EEW-09 RKFW-09 Selene V. Yomito
C.I.B &NORD &BALT &FI &SE &NO &EE &LV &LT &RU &BY CH LTW-11 Applepie's Highway To Hell
C.I.B. BY &LT &EE JCH &FI &EE &RU CH Applepie's Sweet N'Sassy
C.I.B &FI &SE &EE CH Applepie's Devil In Disguise
C.I.B. FI & SE & EE CH Applepie's Thunder Storm
FI & EE CH & LT &EE JCH Applepie's Devil Himself
FI &LV &LT CH & LT &LV JCH Applepie's Devil's Daughter
FI & RU CH, RTK1 Applepie's Couch Potato
FI CH HeW-12 Chris Pajar
FI CH Applepie's Hell's Angel
FI CH Applepie's Sugar N'Spicy
FI CH Applepie's Destiny's Child
FI CH Applepie's Divine Lucifer
FI CH Applepie's Once In A Blue Moon
FI CH Applepie's Moonflower
Active Lads Dorothea
Applepie's Eclipse Of The Moon
Applepie's Deja Vu
Applepie's Devil May Care
Applepie's Storm Warning
Prännin Kansas To Applepie's
Karmacoma Shadowplay
Applepie's Barley Water

Dwarf poodle

FI & LV & LT CH Applepie's Cafe Originale

Lakeland terrier

Big Lady's Micro-Knowhow

Rough collies

FI CH Sandcastle's Apple Of My Eye
C.I.B & FI & SE & EE & LV & LT CH Applepie's Eye Of The Angel
Sandcastle's Eyecatcher
Applepie's Baking Powder
Applepie's Pie In The Sky

Smooth collies

C.I.B & NORD & BALT & FI & SE & NO & DK & EE & LT & LV & RU & SL Ch FIW-04 LTW-07 WVW- Sandcastle's Oliwer Hardy

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